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Working arround the clock to provide a professionnal and creative quality to our clients, with a transparent pricing, accountable managment and rock-solid development, with an efficient, focused framework for every phase, from brainstorming to design to development and delivery.


About us

Founded in 2015, Awesomedia is an interractive design and development agency offering serious, effective, creative, solid measurable results. Located in Halat, Lebanon just 5 min from the highway,

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We are hard workers,
Boundary pushers, Problem crushers,
Perfection seekers.

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Working arround the clock to provide the best services from designs to websites and apps, marketing strategies, sms/email marketing. Even managing you social media accounts with creative visuals and concepts, with professional photography and videoghraphy.

Graphic Design

If you are a startup company then you are in the right place, packing up startups with creative branding and visual indentity. Everything you need to start your buisness. From logos, buisness card, brochures, posters. Basiclay everything related to design, we are the guys for it.

Web Development

Designing a good website that accommodates a lot of content is a tricky balancing act to pull off. We present the user with all the information in a clean, organized manner, creating an engaging breadcrumb trail that tugs the user along the road to enlightenment.

App Development

Do you need a custom Android, IOS or Windows app? If you want it, we can build it. Where others struggle, we thrive.

Social Media

Social media users are growing to 2.5 billion users. So if your not on facebook or other social media platform we recommend you do. We can help!

SMS / Email Marketing

Whether you have a smal shop or a big agency everyone needs an easy way to spread the word. Sms and emails are the easiest and fastest way to reach people 100% guaranted. With high speed internet connection up to 16MB to assure highest rate of delivery over 4 millions records in our database.

Photography / Videography

Providing high end cristal clear photographs for your buisness. Videos ads, animation, product videos etc..



We brought together smart, talented thinkers and unleashed their combined creativity on the world.

We dissect where our clients are and plot a course for where they want to be using an inclusive and collaborative process integrating strategy, user experience, design, and engineering from project ideation through completion.



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